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Kirsty Griffin
Textile Art

Kirsty’s inspiration comes from every-day and familiar things we see all the time, but maybe don’t pay much attention to: A vase of flowers in a window, an abandoned armchair on the street, or a native bird in the park.

Her most recent pieces exhibited here, are inspired by fridge magnets and stickers. By enlarging them, increasing the intensity their colours and adding pattern and texture through the use of fabric, they keep their naive and playful quality and become joyful motifs.

A love and appreciation of textiles for their timeless history linked to our lives is employed by Kirsty when screen-printing, dyeing and painting fabric, to be cut and collaged together to create representational images. Using new, vintage and re-cycled fabrics, she further embellishes the layered, patterned and textured surface with hand and machine embroidery.

Since completing a first-class degree in textiles from Goldsmiths College, London in 2001, Kirsty has exhibited around the UK. She has a studio in North London where she produces one-off wall-hung pieces and welcomes private commissions.
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