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Stuart Free's urban paintings highlight the tensions that exist between the physical landscape and the realities of inner city life.

Instantly recognisable, Free's work is a permanent document of our urban surroundings.

During the past four years his prolific series of acrylic works has covered more than one hundred and fifty locations in North London, where Stuart is resident. His passion for cityscapes has also led to commissions in Paris, New York and Chicago.

Choosing buildings that are heavily run down, Free translates these sites into stunningly beautiful and texturally fascinating paintings. These works evoke a deep sense of allegory and belonging.

Combining the gritty surfaces of peeling paint, concrete, broken glass and graffiti with extraordinary draughtsmanship and a deep knowledge of landscape aesthetics, these are paintings to move the soul, infectious by nature they compete with the viewer's experience of their own urban environment.

In Stuart's words, "These works are naked, dramatic, honest visions that cut away the glossy veneer of human aspiration and invite us to confront our own perceptions of the landscape."

Based in North London and continually exhibiting in Crouch End, Free has an overwhelmingly supportive audience, as his work becomes increasingly sought after by collectors, a significant proportion of his output is made to commission.

Born : 9th January 1972

Degree at Central Saint Martins School of Art, graduated 1994

Diploma Foundation at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art.

3 A levels, 9 Gcses - Schooled at Poole Grammar School.

Shows: Denton Architecture, Levi's - Regent Street, Journey From the City to the Sea - Gallery 47, Southwark Open, John Jones Open, Blow Up, Islington Piano Gallery.